I hope you are all Excited for the Holidays even if you do not Celebrate anything! Winter Is exciting for me and my Birthday is coming up so Maybe i will get good presents? 😉 Have a Good one lol 🙂



Not much has happened in either of our lives for the past few days, so I would like to take this time to introduce you to a game K.W. and I both like: Bearville.

My Bearville character, SecretClouds20.

My Bearville character, SecretClouds20.

Bearville is an online game created by Build-A-Bear Workshop in which you can play with the bears and other “furry friends” from that store. Many of the players have turned it into a game where the goal is to collect as many rare items as you can, though. There are quests, events, minigames, and so much more. There are even giveaways where you can receive free items from time to time. For example, when I checked my Bearville account today, I received an emoticon because it was the month of my character’s birthday.

I clicked on the emoticon before taking this picture, unfortunately, so you don't get to see it in the mail.

I clicked on the emoticon before taking this picture, unfortunately, so you don’t get to see it in the mail.

There are other things to do on Bearville considering the fact that the holiday season is upon us, so K.W. and I may post more about this great game in the future! ❤


Today, at school, an acquaintance who I will refer to as Madeleine (though that is not her real name) told me that her cousin would be sending her some things she had bought on Black Friday as a Christmas present for Madeleine. As it turns out, Madeleine’s cousin also ordered Fruity Cuties buttons, and Madeleine may let me have one. She knows how much I like Fruity Cuties and fruit in general, so she asked me if I would like the button for free. I’m very excited! ❤

Fruity Cuties

I’m not too sure if anyone reading this has been to the website Fruity Cuties, but if not, then you should pay it a visit. Fruity Cuties, found at, is a website dedicated to jokes and puns revolving around fruit. The jokes are actually quite humorous, as well as somewhat educational. There are also games you can play, as well as wallpapers for your computer. Fruity Cuties is definitely worth seeing! ❤

Introductory Post

Welcome to our blog, A Secluded Cloud. The name that I will be going by on this blog is L.F. These are not my real initials, because I would rather not share that kind of personal information online. The other author of this blog should have their introduction up shortly.

As I am the first to post on this blog, I will also tell you what we plan to do with it. This blog will be about our assorted thoughts, as it says above. We are both avid gamers, so we may post about that. We may also post about things that happen to us in real life, albeit heavily edited to avoid sharing the personal information of ourselves or others.

I hope that you enjoy this blog. ❤